TERUMO is here to help you get back to business.

With healthcare becoming more complex than ever, Terumo Business Edge can help hospitals adapt to the changing landscape, while getting their patients back safely for procedures.  Regardless of where your program is currently, we can help.  Our four-pillar approach addresses the operational, clinical, financial and quality components of your program and their associated care pathways.  Whether it’s leveraging operational components like same day discharge or increasing use of transradial access for clinical and patient care benefits, our processes are specifically designed to identify cost reductions and improved efficiencies.

Optimize Operations

We help implement a patient care pathway that maximizes efficiency and streamlines your clinical and operational processes.

Improve Patient Outcomes

We help identify opportunities to improve patient care and provide resources that ensure the highest safety and quality.

Cost Efficiencies

We help you achieve more productive, sustainable processes that result in cost reduction opportunities.

Contact us at info@terumobusinessedge.com to learn more about how Terumo Business Edge empowers healthcare systems to achieve greater organizational efficiencies and higher quality outcomes.