SUR-VET® Secure image

SUR-VET® Secure

Catheter Securement Adhesive


Topical adhesive for catheter securement and site protection

Simple, strong and safe.

Sur-Vet® Secure provides benefits and advantages over traditional methods.

  • Up to 3X stronger securement than transparent film dressings alone and superior adhesiveness compared with mechanical securement devices2
    • Reduces catheter movement, migration and dislodgement1
  • Effectively seals the catheter insertion site
    • Can help reduce early dressing changes and eliminate 24-48 hour initial dressing change protocols3
    • Formulation reported to exhibit activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, yeast and fungi eliminating greater than 8-logs after 3 minutes of contact in in-vitro studies4
    • Allows the direct visualization of insertion site at all times, unlike some antimicrobial dressings

Sur-Vet Secure Adhesive

Up to 50 applications per bottle

SV-300V Sur-Vet Secure Catheter Securement Adhesive 2.5 ml


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