Terumo SURFLO ETFE IV catheter

SURFLO® ETFE I.V. Catheters

With an ultra-sharp double-bevel introducer needle and medical-grade lubricant, the SURFLO ETFE I.V. catheter allows easier penetration and smoother travel through tissue. The clear, sure-grip hub features a preview chamber to indicate proper placement, while the large inner diameter of the catheter assures good blood flow.

SR-OX1451CA Surflo ETFE IV Catheter 14G x 2" 
SR-OX1632CA Surflo ETFE IV Catheter 16G x 1 1/4" 
SR-OX1651CA Surflo ETFE IV Catheter 16G x 2" 
SR-OX1664CA Surflo ETFE IV Catheter 16G x 2 1/2" 
SR-OX1851CA Surflo ETFE IV Catheter 18G x 2" 
SR-OX1864CA Surflo Teflon IV Catheter 18G x 2 1/2"



4 boxes/case(200)

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