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GLIDEWIRE® Baby-J™ Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire

An Innovative Solution for Transradial Success

Transradial access offers many advantages over the traditional femoral approach, including the potential for less pain, fewer complications, faster recovery times, and better clinical outcomes.1

The TERUMO 1.5 mm GLIDEWIRE® Baby-J™ Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire combines the leading performance of the GLIDEWIRE® Guidewire product portfolio with design features ideal for transradial access:

  • Enables small vessel access
    Tight J-Tip shape and superior lubricity retention2-4* designed to minimize slide resistance allows for smooth and uninterrupted wire tracking through the small radial and subclavian arteries.
  • Tracks through tortuous anatomy
    Nitinol alloy core resists kinking in tortuous anatomy, allowing for easier and faster tracking.
  • Avoids radial artery side branches
    The J-Tip wire is designed to avoid side branches of the radial artery and to minimize the potential risk of perforation and other complications.
  • Tracking through radial artery    
    1.5mm J-Tip can track through radial artery with average diameter of 1.9 mm - 2.3 mm5

* When compared to ZIPwire™, HiWire®, AQUATRACK®, and Laureate®.

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1.5 mm J-Tip GLIDEWIRE® Guidewire

GR3525 Standard 0.035 180 3 1.5mm J-Tip
GR3526 Standard 0.035 260 3 1.5mm J-Tip

Packed 5 per box




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